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1ST WINNER of ITAD (International Tropical Architecture Design Competition) 2017. Initiated by Singapore Green Building Council, Singapore Institute of Architect, and Building and Construction Authority

2ND WINNER people choice award of Fentress Global Challenge, 2020. Initiated Anually by Fentress Architect Denver Colorado USA.


1ST WINNER Landscape design of Main Campus UTY, 2016.

2ND WINNER Culture Center (Theme : Culture injection) 2017. Initiated by Gajahmada University Wiswakharman Architecture Student Organization

2ND WINNER Designing Homestay 2017. Iniatiated By Islamic University Of Indonesia

3RD WINNER Regional Market Design Competition 2016
Initiated by Government of East Java Sidoarjo

3RD WINNER Budget Hotel Design Competition 2016
Initiated by Yogyakarta University of Technology and UTY Dept Architecture

Best 5 Design Bandung Free Urban Space 2016 Initiated by Government of Bandung City

Best 5 Design Free Urban Space Yogyakarta Competition 2016 Initiated by Atmajaya Architecture Tricaka Architecture Student Organization

Best 5 Bamboo Guesthouse Design Competition 2017
Initiated by Supersemarch event of Indonesia Islamic University Arhchitecture Student Organization

Best 10 Design Waru Surabaya Roundabout Competition 2016 Initiated by Government of Surabaya and Government of East Java

Best 25 International Urban House Design 2017
Initiated by University Christian Petra Surabaya